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Neo-Soul Artist LadyBoss Responds to Michael Jordan Marrying White Cuban

In News, Opinion on January 5, 2012 at 8:20 pm
English: Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997

Image via Wikipedia. Jordan back in the day.Where the white women at?

Well, you can very well expect Michelle Obama to say anything publicly about the trend of black men leaving black women en masse, can you? So, it’s nice that at least LadyBoss, (God Bless her) is going it alone in defending black women as beautiful, worthy, and deserving of love; in a culture still steeped in institutionalized racism.

Much of this current blogging is a result of Michael Jordan announcing his engagement to Cuban model (who looks like she could be half his age or less) Yvette Prieto. Yes, Jordan is old enough to be somebody’s gramps (and we’re sure he is gramps to several kids running around out there by now), but Prieto can pretty much bank the Brinks truck up to her back door now and will certainly never have to worry about every having to work again.

And it’s yet another high-profile black man turning his back on black women in general and choosing to marry “outside his race,” while statistically black women may or may not even know it’s happening. (And of course they know it’s happening. I’m referring to statistics that were cited by Ralph Richard Banks and others repeatedly that black women can date outside their race or sit around and wait for their fantasy man who either ain’t coming or wants to date some white chicks first before calling them).

Yeah, Jordan ain’t all that, but he was once a great athlete and he’s worth enough moola to make him still a major heavyweight in celebrity terms, so for all the kids who idolize him and for anyone looking up to him, he’s irregardless sending a not-too-subtle message that he prefers non-black women.

So, kudos to LadyBoss for having the guts to say Jordan can have a New York salute and that black women still got it going on:


According to Cornell Chronicle Race Plays a Role in Pacing of Some Romances

In News, Opinion on November 24, 2011 at 1:50 am
Interracial Couple

Image by mattradickal via Flickr.

The Cornell University Seal
Image via Wikipedia.

According to an interesting piece in Cornell University’s Chronicle news website, racial diversity plays a role in pacing of some romances; apparently increasing the speed of the romantic relationships’ evolution or development.

So, make of the study’s conclusions what you will, but it seems that one potential conclusion is that interracial romantic relationships develop faster than white-white ones for reasons not particularly clear.

Here’s a direct link to the article, but I have to admit to feeling that one prominant factor in this “pacing” issue might have more to do with maturity and personal development than ethnicity or status:

Is Lansing the Interracial Love Capital of the US?

In News on November 23, 2011 at 7:02 pm
Official seal of the City of Lansing, Michigan

Image via Wikipedia. Send us your interracial daters and multicultural families?

Is Lansing the new home of interracial love and multicultural families in the US of A?

Certainly not where or what I’d have expected, but possible, at least according to the author.

If you’d ask me, I would have speculated on New York, perhaps bombed-out Baltimore, Atlanta, or other Southern location (as a direct result of the “reverse migration” so many black-themed magazines have commented on-and is a good idea for another piece all together), but Lansing of all places?

Here’s a direct link to the piece:


Racism rampant in the FDNY says ex-Vulcan Society president Paul Washington

In News on August 18, 2011 at 7:19 pm
Seagrave Tower Ladder (Aerialscope) in New Yor...

Image via Wikipedia. Everybody likes big red fire trucks.

According to a news piece from the “New York Daily News,” online at http://www.NYDailyNews.com, dated August 16th, 2011, writer Oren Yaniv wrote an interesting article in which former Vulcan Society President Paul Washington says that racism is rampant in the FDNY.
Below is a link to that article. And if you look just a little further below that link, in the Related articles section, you’ll see some links to other articles about the FDNY and allegations of racism:

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