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Interracial Dating 101

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Black and White.

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Do you have a relationship question about Interracial Dating?

Well, ding-dong, ding-dong, class is now in session!

As a self-professed expert in the field of interracial dating, (well, I’ve dated black women my entire life, never dating a non-black woman even once, and been happily married to a black woman for about 15 years now-so I know at least something about the interracial dating and relationships in general), here is our regular advice column.

Got a question or issue? Send it on in! I love drama and can also seriously and compassionately address real matters of the heart as well, when needed.

So, let’s go!

Here’s one:

Question: Interracial relationships are less successful than more conventional and more socially accepted relationships.

Answer: Not true.

Romantic relationships are a funny beast. Their success (or failure) hinges on two (often very different) personalities getting together and trying to not just forge a deep friendship, but also maintain mutual attraction and deep emotional and intellectual bonds, and then build upon that and perhaps raise a family.

So, ultimately, it depends on the people involved. It also depends on their level of openness, sincerity, and mutual attraction.

Many white men think black women are beautiful, while some black women are attracted to Asian men, and so on. It depends on the people involved and where they are at that particular moment in time in their lives.


What’s my expertise in the topic of interracial dating, you ask?

I’ve been happily married to a black woman (as a white man) for roughly 15 years now.

No drama, no affairs; just the two of us, trying to navigate life in a world stuck on crazy.

Beyond that, I’ve dated interracially my entire adult life.

In fact, I’ve never dated a white woman in my entire life.

So interracial relationships, especially those specifically involving white men/black women, are a topic I’ve actually lived for some 25-30 years years and therefore feel pretty well informed on.

Have a question for the interracial dating coach? Don’t be shy!

Send it in to:

As more questions arrive, we’ll post them here with a complete response.

Take care.

Interrace Magazine and “Interracial Dating 101 



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