Who Loves You, Baby?


Cornel West, keynote speaker at the Martin Lut...

Image via Wikipedia. Gotta love Dr. West.

You know what, true believers?

Interrace Magazine is the online journal of racial, interracial, and bi-racial news and commentary.

It’s that simple. We talk about everything from Taye Diggs‘ proud claim that his mother “always knew he’d marry a white girl,” (http://hellobeautiful.com/gossip-news/hellobeautifulstaff2/taye-diggs-wife-idina-menzel-sway-interview-mother-marry-white-girl/), to Ralph Richard Banks‘ bestseller “Is Marriage for White People,” to Cornel West‘s and Tavis Smiley‘s national “poverty tour” (http://www.povertytour.smileyandwest.com).

Although El Jefe is not my real name, I am actually a real flesh and blood person; with a background in journalism and teaching.

Now, for information on submitting to us, posting, or getting in touch with us, please visit the Contact page.

Thanks for visiting, and please stay engaged and active.

Interrace Magazine and Interracial Dating 101 are terms copyrighted to D.M. Somerfleck, 2011 into perpetuity Interrace Magazine and “Interracial Dating 101”



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