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Asian Pick-Up Artist Teaches Ivy League Asians How to Seduce Blondes

In News, Opinion on January 17, 2012 at 2:40 am

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing…Is this really important?

Well, the obvious answer is, no it’s not. Not really.


Image via Wikipedia. What happened to my shoes!

But it is dorky and interesting in a racially-conscious dorky kind of way. Right?


At any rate, whilst shambling through the internet nether realm of mildly interesting mind-rot (no offense Asian pick-up expert), I stumbled over (or upon, depending on your perspective and angle of said perspective) this article about an extremely confident Asian man by the name of J.T. Tran, who, after studying under the studly and mysterious Mystery, is now a master-seducer of non-Asian American blondes.

Good for him! Woohoo!

But, as facetious as I wanna be (to paraphrase 2 Live Crew), J.T. does have his act together.

He has a great website, complete with self-parody, free downloads that don’t download, funny pics, and he’s getting mondo publicity that this site ain’t garnering.

So kudos to J.T. and his secrets to interracial dating success.




Here’s a link to a recent piece about the Asian master of the pick-up, followed by a link to his personal web experience:

William Hung, an Asian American singer.

Image via Wikipedia. Picture of great Asian singer. Kind of.

  1. Thanks for coming by. Which download doesn’t work?

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