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UN Forces Spread Deadly “Superbug” to Americas

In News, Opinion on January 16, 2012 at 6:31 pm

Everyone wants to love the United Nations, but if we look at the grand scheme of things, the overall picture from afar, are they doing more good for humanity or simply following orders from the DuPont/Ford/Rothchild military-industrial complex?

You have to wonder when you see stories like this one, that UN forces spread an ultra-tough form of cholera throughout their travels – and the UN denies it despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Wouldn’t you think that at least a suspicion of such disaster would cause such an organization to stop its meddling in other country’s affairs long enough to at least look into the claims? Nope. Why bother? I don’t think Harvard is run by morons.

Here’s a link to the alarming investigation piece of authentic journalism from ABC News, authored by Matthew Mosk, Brian Ross, and Rym Momtaz :

united nations, geneva, switzerland


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