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The MLK You Don’t Know

In Celebrity Bio, Main Event, News, Opinion on January 16, 2012 at 6:15 pm
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image via Wikipedia. It's MLK Day! Do you know the full story or the whitewashed version?

Today is a holiday. To be more exact, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and whether it’s observed or not (or in the capacity deserving the man’s accomplishments), is always another story – and much of it dependent upon where you work and where you live.

There is no debating or questioning that Dr. King was a great, inspirational, motivational leader who accomplished much.

There is debating, however, whether or not you and I have gotten a “whitewashed” (pun intended) version of the works and life of Dr. King from the American mass media/intellectual pabulum machine.

Before reading this article by Norman Solomon and Jeff Cohen, I’d always felt that Malcolm X was someone I could relate to more than MLK, for various reasons, but after reading this great piece, I now question what I thought was a reasonable understanding and knowledge of Dr. King’s legacy.

Turn’s out I didn’t know jack. The most important parts were left out of the narrative that had been supplied over the years.

And here’s a link to the piece:

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    Another piece from the blogosphere, and very true. People do not know about the depth of Martin Luther King’s passion. I do encourage you to click the link included in this article and read more about Dr. King.

    M Dot

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