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Pepsi Pays Out $3 Million in Racial Bias Case

In News, Opinion on January 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm
Pepsi logo (1970-1991) In 1987, the font was m...

Image via Wikipedia. Have a Pepsi. Just don't stand so close to me.

I never could tell Pepsi from Coke, but according to a piece by Sam Hananel, of the Associated Press, Pepsi could tell white from black and used criminal background checks to screen out job applicants, even if applicants had never been convicted of a crime.

So much for hiring based on qualifications and ability, huh?

According to Equal Employment Opportunity officials, Pepsi would not hire workers with arrest records. And since more minorities are arrested (and not necessarily charged with an offense), you’d end up with fewer minorities working at Pepsi. The biased policy ended up barring those who may or may not have ever been arrested or who were convicted of a minor offense.

There was no explanation that I could discern as to why Pepsi implemented such a biased system of screening out minorities in the first place, other than the implication of old fashioned racism.


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