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North Carolina Panel Says Sterilization Victims Should Get 50 Grand

In News, Opinion on January 12, 2012 at 8:59 pm

Maybe I’m a little bit wacky, but I would think being sterilized against your will might net you a little more than $50,000 considering the mental and emotional anguish, potential health dangers, and wrecked future you’d get from it.

What do I know. Apparently, the wonderful folks in North Carolina (and several other states as well) ran a forced sterilization program for quite some time where people judged as being inferior or defective were rendered unable to reproduce under actual state law.

This went on from 1929 to 1974. We’re never told in any news piece to date how and/or why this practice came into effect, who formed the eugenics panels, and whether or not it’s even still on the books in any states (which obviously I would hope not). Also, it begs the question that if several states (20 to 30 I think based on previous articles on this subject) conducted clandestine sterilization programs, someone in the government must have approved it or at least known about it considering so many states participated.

To their credit (yes, I know, gee thanks), North Carolina is the only state to openly acknowledge their racist eugenics program and acknowledge that it was wrong, and offer some form of recompense other than a blanket apology.

Here is a link to the actual news story first, followed by the official state website or web page about North Carolina’s eugenics program to eliminate society’s “undesirables:”

nazi eugenics pamphlet

Image by Joelk75 via Flickr. I wonder who else practiced forced eugenics programs...Maybe the nazis?


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