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Tuesday Morning Racism Double Feature: Genius Papa John’s Employee Calls Woman “Lady Chinky Eyes” on Receipt & Georgia Elementary School Asks Children Math Questions Using Slavery and Cotton-Picking to “Help” Kids Visualize

In News, Opinion on January 10, 2012 at 3:59 pm
Papa John's Pizza

Image via Wikipedia. Recently dismissed employee proudly professing racial slur on customer receipt. Thanks for the extra topping of racism!

Even though we do have a bi-racial President, racism is still alive and kicking and crazy as ever in today’s America.

And for those who cry out that because Obama is President, racism could not possibly exist in our country (with a system of deeply imbedded racism so ingrained that there’s actually a term for it called institutionalized racism-meaning it can’t leave), we have this charming story of a stellar genius working at a New York Papa John’s pizza joint with the incredible depth of character (yes, I’m killing the facetious trick here, ain’t I?) to actually type the racial slur of “lady chinky eyes” on her receipt.

I’m surprised, given our current economy and society, Papa John’s didn’t promote this kid to CEO of the over-priced pizza chain, rather than release him from service.

Here’s one video of the story, which has a million other links to it below:

And, y’know, even though this is a blog (however loopy), it’s stories like this one that make me grateful for Twitter, and Facebook.

At any rate, this story deserves attention if only to let giant corporate behemoths like Papa John’s know that racist behavior still is inappropriate and that racists should try to understand (somehow) that there are humans living out there who can function as real people and still not have to look like them or speak like them in order to live real, authentic lives.

Following that, is the piece of an elementary school in Norcross, Georgia, Beaver Ridge Elementary specifically, which appears to be trying a decidedly different approach toward teaching math; using racist (and certainly demeaning) word puzzles to try to teach math. Way to go!

Here’s a local news affiliate’s story on the matter. Apparently the teachers involved will not be dismissed.

You might have to click on this image and enlarge it to be able to read the cute little math quiz question about how many slaves could pick so many oranges to fill a basket; and yes there are others, apparently.

Below are other video news links to the story:


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