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Missing Black Dallas Teen Accidentally Deported to Colombia

In News, Opinion on January 7, 2012 at 12:40 am

Y’know if this poor young lady were my daughter, I sure as Obama ain’t militant would have flames shooting out of the top of my head, but she (thankfully) is not my daughter and this is a story that truly only Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock could appreciate:

Apparently, according to Eric Pfeiffer, reporting for Yahoo News‘ “Sideshow” section (yes, that’s how they categorized it, as opposed to “shocking news” or “headline news”), a black teenage runaway named Jakadrien Turner (just so named so everyone in America would know her ethnicity I guess) was discovered living on the streets of Colombia cleaning out rich peoples’ homes. Probably better work than she’d get here in the States, but still….How does ICE mistake an American black teenage runaway for a Colombian drug dealer?

Was her deportation “accidental” as they claim or something else altogether?

Hopefully, this poor teenager’s grandmother or mother (or both of ’em) have enough sense to go “lawyer up,” and seek full justice; but who knows?

Italiano: Autore: Meltwater Descrizione: immag...

Image via Wikipedia. The great Rod Serling. "You are about to enter an unbelievable world of...."

To find out their side of the story and appreciate the ridiculous irony of this little ditty, you’ll have to read the whole piece:

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