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Ron Paul’s Racist Rants Repeatedly Resurface

In News on December 27, 2011 at 8:21 pm
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Every dog has fleas, right?

Obama paints a beautiful picture of all the things we want done and once in office doesn’t do a single one. There’s nobody (at least not yet) in the Dem field to oppose him, and many people feel Hillary would just be

Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH

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more of the same old song and dance, a different personality and approach to doing the same things for the same elite people and corporations.

Republicans, the party that openly embraces corporate love and elite wealth (in my estimation) don’t have much to offer that would be different, with Romney being a handsome wind-up automaton, Gingrich being so egotistical and with such a rich history of ethics violations and affairs as not to be taken seriously by any of the power-brokers pulling the levers in the NWO, Rick Perry being a handsome and well-connected hydrocephalic, Bachmann being a gimlet-eyed incongruent anachronism better suited for the Dark Ages of anti-reason, and…that leaves….um….

What to make of Ron Paul?

Part of me likes his anti-establishment stance(s) of minimizing governmental powers and influence at a time when the US seems to be inching closer and closer each day toward some kind of Orwellian police state (complete with TSA microwave body scanning devices that other countries ban, internet monitoring, tracking devices put on cars for no reason, police departments across the country arming themselves like small militias, protestors getting the proverbial beat-down, on and on) and staying out of other countries’ affairs; while I know fully well he will never win the presidency regardless of how events may turn for the GOP field.

Another part of me is downright suspicious of Paul’s racist newsletter rants from (to be fair) more than 20 years ago. To his defense, Mr. Paul has admitted them and stated repeatedly that they weren’t written by him personally but by some kind of marketing staff hack and he doesn’t agree with them.

Here’s an interesting piece by Shikha Dalmia from Reason.com, expressing some increased insight into the pieces and why they might have been written in the first place and an informed opinion on how he should respond to the the rants being brought up again:

What do you think?


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