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Funnyman Chris Rock Thinks Obama Is a “Gangsta”

In News, Opinion on December 24, 2011 at 8:31 pm
Nicole Austin and Ice-T at the Billboard-Child...

Image via Wikipedia. Now Ice-T I could see pulling some "gangsta sh**t." And that was 20 years ago.

English: Comedian Chris Rock at the New York C...
Image via Wikipedia. Chris Rock’s love affair with Obama is just beginning. Good for him.

Let me be clear that I like Chris Rock, always have, even when he was on SNL pushing that weak pabulum they call “writing” on that show.

He’s a funny, quick-witted dude who is great at stand-up, makes (without exception) sadly unfunny movies, is a bad actor, and apparently thinks that if we give Obama a second term he will shock everyone planet Earth and completely do the opposite of what he’s been doing in his first term thus far, and pull some “gangsta sh**t.”

Obama’s “gangsta” like Ice-T is an interior designer and flower arranger.

If only I believed you, Chris. Either you are incredibly politically-inept, socially very naive, or paid in full. Either way, as much as I volunteered for Obama, donated money (that in retrospect should have been used to double-up on bills) to his masterful campaign, and wanted the guy to win; I know that a very strong indicator of future behavior is past (and current) behavior. Obama is not going to go from representing the tycoons who manipulate Wall Street and run the Federal Reserve and being apathetic about a national health care program, to suddenly developing a conscience and passion for activism because he was elected to a second term.

Let’s face it, we’d all like to see Obama care about working-class Americans; but you can’t grow a tree from a turnip and you can’t make someone who identifies with the power-brokers and uber-elite suddenly change course and start caring for and about those who do not have influence and power over him. He cares about his retirement fund, his family’s mansions and security fortresses that will be built once he leaves office, not Joe Blow down the street living on spam and Oodles of Noodles trying to hold down 3 jobs to pay his rent and afford chemo. Actions speak louder than words and his his actions tell me to take a hike.

But Chris Rock is a millionaire many times over and is funny (on stage at least). What do I know?

Here’s a link to the angering post:


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