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Tyrese Warns Black Women Not to Be Too Independent

In Entertainment, Opinion on December 3, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Y’know, I’ve heard of Tyrese as being a male model/actor from some B-movies, but who is he to tell black women that they’d better not be “too independent?” And what, exactly does that mean? Ask him for permission to use the restroom or call him up before you get your weave worked on so he can approve or disapprove?

I’m glad odd-looking Tyrese is doing well and apparently loves himself enough to believe he can pass edicts and see himself as some kind of authority figure for black women (perhaps he feels that if all black women are obsessed or fascinated with him he can therefore command them to behave as he sees fit).

Personally, I think Tyrese needs to grow up and ask black women to be more independent and stop whining if he can’t keep up.

  1. i guess your the defneder of all black women now

    • Guilty as charged!

      Do you have a problem when black women are being demoralized and belittled on television or in mass media with how undesirable they are? I am proud to be a “defender of all black women now.”

      If you feel that black women don’t need or don’t deserve defending, or agree with Tyrese that black women had better not be “too independent” you are more than welcome to create your own blog supporting that view.

  2. So, here’s another complaint about black women once again.

    Seems to me some black men have nothing but complaints about black women. Not only that, they are inconsistent in their complaints. I thought we were all a bunch of fat, lazy, good-for-nothing welfare queens. Now, we are too independent. Which is it? Black men complain that we are too needy and they complain that we are too independent. Some men are way too difficult to please.

    And tell me again why we should care?

    All black men like Tyrese do with these types of comments is further alienate black women. Then they wonder why we now open ourselves even more to dating white, Latino and Asian men. This is why I love Interrace Magazine and what El Jefe is doing.

    Maybe Tyrese is not man enough to be in a relationship with an independent black woman. If he could handle independent black women, he wouldn’t be complaining.

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