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All Aboard the (Slowing) Cain Train

In News, Opinion on November 29, 2011 at 7:14 pm
Herman Cain - Caricature

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr. "Excuse me!!"

Herman Cain, gotta love him.

Clearly a shrewd businessman adept at social climbing and navigating corporate hierarchies, albeit with memory issues and a talent for (at the very least) accruing sexual harassment allegations and affairs outside of marriage; just not very skilled at sticking to message or managing political strategies.

Even though he insists that he “didn’t do anything wrong!” like a petulant child, (I mean, if you didn’t do anything wrong, would you say that or would you just be only slightly annoyed? I don’t know. It tough to discount four women coming forward accusing him of sexual harassment and then one saying she had a thirteen year affair with him. Can all of them be lying or delusional? Unlikely.) apparently his Cain Train is considering a derailment.

Even though Mr. Cain believes in his vision and mission and was “called” to run for the Republican nomination, and “didn’t do anything wrong,” he is considering slowing the Train to a halt…or maybe running it off the tracks. The improbable candidate with severe memory and consistency of message issues, who so many Republican deal-brokers thought could be the perfect match against Obama in 2012 is derailing himself (or his campaign is derailing the candidate) as Mr. Smug Pillsbury Dough Buoy, New Gingrich, appears to be gaining steam over the Cain Train.

Here’s a link to the latest Herman Cain mayhem and foolishness:


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