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Teacher fired after two days files lawsuit

In News on November 10, 2011 at 5:50 pm
Teacher BHodge

Image via Wikipedia. This is not the teacher alleging racial profiling among other charges, just a generic "teacher" picture.

Appearing on NorthJersey.com, comes this story about a black woman hired as a teacher and then fired just two days later.

She is alleging racism, among other charges, against the local area school district.

Obviously, I certainly don’t know all the facts of the matter and am not a lawyer (although I’ve mediated many cases and worked as a probation officer as well as a teacher), but the story seems unbalanced to say the least.

According to the story, the teacher’s salary was lowered, her schedule changed, her classroom teaching duties altered, and she was treated disrespectfully.

From the NorthJersey.com article:

“She also alleged in the suit that the principal and a teacher wanted to set her up to break the law by having her change classrooms between periods, thereby forcing her to release students early and unsupervised to accommodate the switch.

Williams challenged this decision, and the next day, Raymond Bandlow, who then was the superintendent, arrived with a police officer — who was armed — to escort her from the building, the suit states.”

If all of this occurred within two days of just starting a job, it may or may not be racial profiling, but it is most assuredly whack to the max and unlike any story I’ve ever heard. Every teacher and public (and private) school administrator on the planet knows that no teacher is supposed to have students unsupervised at any time; so to demand that a teacher actually do that makes no logical sense. I would’ve called Human Resources immediately, then the local school union representative and ask for legal counsel.

Were they out to get her (possible), inept, or was there something else going on here?

Please read this story and let me know your thoughts on this.


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