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New Study Reveals Whites Feel More Discriminated Against Than Minorities

In News on November 10, 2011 at 2:42 am
No racism

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Now, before you hack up a lung laughing over this role reversal King of Ironies headline or your eyes pop out like you’ve just seen Freddy Krueger coming to get you, I’m not just generating this headline to get you to read it or to get some kind of page-click thing.

This is an actual news piece appearing in several new publications.

Yes, delusional whites across America, at least according to a pieces appearing in The London Telegraph, Disinfo.com, and other online and print sources, believe that they’d be so much better off if only they could get the “perks” associated with being a minority member in a predominantly white US society and culture.

Go figure where this kind of self-pitying paranoia originates, (I’d love to interview Cornell West on this). But there it is, like the two-headed snake discovered under a rock somewhere. Boy!

At any rate, according to a new study jointly commissioned and/or conducted by professors at Harvard and Tufts, white people in the US feel that they are in fact the true minority, the oppressed.

Whatever is going on, it seems like an interesting societal mass hallucinatory thing going on, that those who have the most and suffer the least, are discriminated against the least, feel the exact opposite.

Say no to racism!

Image by Daviniodus via Flickr.

The larger question, as plain as racism itself, is why and what’s going on to facilitate this? Is it a case of things getting so bad economically and in terms of seeing a viable future for us all that those on top and with the most are now feeling that the rug has been pulled out from under them, too, and are getting profoundly scared?

Or is it something else?

Here are links to the pieces:


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