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Whitest Man in America Discusses Book “Is Marriage for White People?”

In Entertainment on November 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Anderson Cooper, in all fairness, may not be the whitest man in America (there’s always Mitt Romney, but in all fairness, Mitt has the spray-on tan going on and dark hair on top), but he’s recently been brave enough to attempt to cover

Anderson Cooper visited Wolfson Children's Hos...

Image via Wikipedia. Smart-alecky comment still pending.

interracial dating and love on his “new” (??) television program.

On a recent episode, Anderson interviews Ralph Richard Banks, author of “Is Marriage for White People?” and (of course) requisite sisters who refuse to date outside their accepted social norms regardless of the facts Mr. Banks states clearly – that marriage rates among black women (regardless of education level or income) are very low, on and on. Anderson, of course, interviews a black manand a white woman (which is the most common form of interracial dating), and then goes back to other sisters who are offended by it.

Ralph Richard Banks

Image via Wikipedia.

Poor Mr. Banks, whom I’m starting to feel sorry for (evidently) just sits there, defending the premise of his book and all the angry, resentful illogical comments; while the facts remain the facts and nothing changes.

Personally, I’d love to Mr. Vanilla do a show on black women who love white men and are happily married, calm and mature, whether society at-large approves of them or not.

Here’s the link to Anderson Cooper’s program, which provides a brief preview of the show:



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