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TV’s First Interracial Kiss

In Main Event on October 30, 2011 at 10:39 pm
Actress Nichelle Nichols

Image via Wikipedia

I was surprised recently rummaging through the topic of television’s first interracial kiss on YouTube.com, when I cam across two videos answering this question.

I’d thought that like “the shat,” that that first symbolic romantic lip-lock would’ve come much earlier than it did…but I guess I wasn’t all surprised that the man who would “do” the proverbial “deed” would be none other than the same man who would later jump (literally) on top of a green-skinned woman.

One video gives you the male perspective, and the other is the woman’s perspective on the taboo-shattering event.

It should be pretty obvious that the man was now-75+ William Shatner and the woman was/is Nichelle Nichols. It’s somewhat interesting that to “shat,” the event was no big deal and to Nichols it was much more stressful apparently. Maybe that had to do with Shatner being the “Captain” of the ship so to speak.


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