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Tense Confrontation on Interracial Dating

In Opinion on October 30, 2011 at 10:27 pm

On a clip from Jerry Springer…..um, I’m sorry, Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s new television program, “Life Changers,” an attractive (apparently middle-aged) African American woman apologizes to an African American man who admits to hating black womenand refusing to date them (http://www.lctv.com/2011/10/27/too-many-african-american-single-moms/).

Elé Asu Avril 2007

Image via Wikipedia. Well hello there. Don't know who this young Nubian Queen is, but we needed a photo in here somewhere.

The woman gets us out of her chair, tells him that she and other black women want him and others like him and that she apologizes for (apparently) dating outside her race.

He, the man, states that she is “sexy,” and that her apology really isn’t good enough because he doesn’t like her “attitude.”

She offers to hug him in yet another apology.

He hugs her and pats her on her booty. Then the woman turns to the audience and says that she’s just about had enough.

Am I getting this wrong? Who is the fool in this mix? The black man for refusing to acknowledge black women and buying into the programming of institutionalized racism, or the black woman for seeing interracial dating as “verboten” and inherently wrong?

Is Tiger Woods wrong for (apparently) turning his back on black women (at least from what I can tell by his list of mistresses and not seeing a single drop of chocolate there) to any greater extent than black women who scoff at the idea of dating a man (or woman) of another ethnicity or background?

Now, yes, it does appear that Dr. Drew isn’t generating enough income from “Celebrity Rehab,” (as much fun as it is to watch and I’m sure host at his rehab facility), and “Love Line,” and various other media appearances and consulting opportunities; and is going more toward the Dr. Phil/Sally Jessy Raphael/Maury Povich direction with this.

Dr. Drew (David Pinsky) holding a producer cre...

Image via Wikipedia. Dr. Drew Pinsky. Seems like an okay guy, but with some serious bags under those eyes.

But at least he’s talking about the point and trying to get others to talk about the point (at least on some level) of the societal influences of institutionalized racism on dating habits and mores, and certainly dating double-standards.

Here are some other links to clips from Dr. Drew Pinsky’s program:


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