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Interracial Dating-AskMen.com

In News on August 18, 2011 at 2:04 am
Seal, English soul singer-songwriter

Image via Wikipedia. Hey, he DOES have a good voice.

Well, well, well, Askmen.com has an interesting little article on interracial dating, featuring a kind of creepy photography of Heidi Klum recoiling from Seal as he tries to kiss her.

Anyway, the article written by Dr. Wendy Walsh, proposes that a woman’s “special monthly” cycle (that men cannot fathom) influences how she is attracted (or not) to men outside of her “racial” boundary lines.

I guess that means in lay terms, that if a woman is in a particularly foaming-at-the-mouth, I’d-like-to-punch-your-face-through-the-other-side-of-your-head moment, she may feel like dealing with male harassment? Or adhering (or breaking from) socially-acceptable norms?

Your humble El Jefe has his own views on the matter, but far be it for moi to try to influence your emotional and spiritual peregrinations, friends. Read the piece and let me know if it makes sense to you.

Here’s the link to the Interracial Dating piece from AskMen.com:

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