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Interrace Celebrity Bio: Halle Berry

In Celebrity Bio on August 18, 2011 at 2:11 am
Halle Berry 2004 in Hamburg Germany

Image via Wikipedia. Alright men, take a chill pill and a deep breath. And women: Ain't Halle's dress pretty? Huh? And that weave is nice, too.

Okay, guys, put away the hankees and tissues. You know what I’m talking about. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, here’s a link to our first Interrace Celebrity Bio, for Halle Berry. The woman is attractive to alot of men (and women), and she seems to be fairly self-composed and competent as actors (and actresses) go. But what do we really know about her? I’m a firm believer that the more you know about a person’s inner struggles and subsequent victories, the more interesting they become-and the more we get from reading their books, or watching their movies or television programs.

So, kick back, eat some popcorn (or bacon-wrapped cheese wedges) and read this bio of Halle Berry and then let us know what may have surprised you about her life story and background. Ready? Here goes:



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