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Is Interracial Marriage The Solution For Unwed Black Women?!

In Opinion on August 17, 2011 at 5:31 pm
Cover of "Something New (Widescreen Editi...

Cover of Something New (Widescreen Edition)

Here’s a mind-blower for you: Black women could you possibly find love dating men of other racial and ethnic backgrounds?

In NewsOne for Black America, a news/opinion aggregate website, in a piece written by Jonathan Thomas, the author address this potential romantic scenario with a legitimate point and then a subsequent link to a “Wall Street Journal” piece.

Was the under-appreciate, decidedly under-reviewed and under-advertised romantic comedy film “Something New” really that new? To paraphrase the great writer Amiri Baraka, don’t act like it’s something you have never seen before. Interracial dating goes back to Biblical times and actually precedes the Bible.

Certainly, it’s not difficult to find Black men (regardless of age or socio-economic background) dating and marrying caucasian women, so why is it a larger, more socially-devastating move for Black women to date caucasian (or Asian or any other group of) men equally?

Is it more of a feminine socialization issue (just as most teachers tend to be women and female teachers feel more secure and comfortable around other female teachers and thus perpetuate a level of sexism that staggers equality across the profession)?

Here’s a link to the article, followed by a link to their video series related to the issue of dating outside accepted social norms:




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  2. […] Is Interracial Marriage The Solution For Unwed Black Women?! (interrace.wordpress.com) […]

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