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Interracial Dating: At the Movies

In Entertainment, Main Event, Movies, Opinion on August 17, 2011 at 6:29 pm
Gabrielle Union at the San Francisco Blackberr...

Image via Wikipedia. Gabrielle Union starred in the unwatchable "Neo Ned," an "interracial romance film" about a skinhead guy who falls for a black woman who believes she is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, while sharing time in an asylum. And no, it's not a comedy.

Wikipedia has a page listed that details (at least some) interracial romance films. How accurate or complete is this list? How good are these movies? I can’t say. Certainly I only attest to the quality of the films that I’ve actually seen.

I tried to give Gabrielle Union (who used to work as a shoe store clerk before hitting the big time) the benefit of the doubt and watch “Neo Ned,” but the premise of a white skinhead guy falling in love with a sistah who believes she is the risen reincarnation of Hitler who meet and fall madly in love while in an insane asylum was a bit much to swallow, much less get excited about. I call it the “ho-hum” effect.

I love Samuel L. Jackson’s films, but could I honestly call “Lakeview Terrace” an interracial romance film? Hardly. It’ s more of a racist maniac-cop-terrorizes-stable- interracial-couple movie, than a pleasant romcom. And he doesn’t even yell “motherf***er” once.

Meanwhile, the already-dated “Something New,” (starring Sanaa Lathan and the Australian “hunkey” guy from “The Mentalist” TV show), had talented actors, occasionally clever scripting, attractive locales and a decent script, (although, yes, the ending was a bit hokey).

Interracial marriage worked just fine for this secure couple.

Interracial marriage worked just fine for this secure couple.

Let us know what you think of this list. Perhaps we can compile a more comprehensive list, and add some sort of review system to it as well.

Here’s a link:


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