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Black Adoption Myths

In Opinion on August 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Image via Wikipedia. How does President Obama's political ascension reflect on black and interracial adoption myths (and potentially the future of such interracial adoptions)?

In the August 15th, 2011 edition of The Atlanta Post, author H. Fields Greenee address several myths regrading black adoption issues throughout the US. First among those “myths” is “Myth I: Children of African Descent are more difficult to raise.”


What is the general consensus on this piece, especially the “myth” that the piece launches from? Is this accurately called a “myth?” Or is the statement one that carries any logical merit to you? As someone who has raised and taught black children (not necessarily those of direct African descent, however), I can personally attest that children reacted equally when given consistent positive attention and behavioral reinforcement. But, of course, others may have had varying experiences-that being said- how can we come to a consensus on the question without injecting bias? Is it even possible?

Here’s the piece:


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