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Interracial Marriages: Success or Bust?

In Main Event on August 15, 2011 at 11:53 pm

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Of course, it’s a polarizing question and (probably) one whose outcome ultimately depends upon the personal experiences and background of whomever is asked; but one that nonetheless remains “something new” to both black and white society as a whole. The issue of interracial marriage.

Do they work or not? What do the statistics as a whole report?

This is a difficult conclusion to reach. If we focus solely on statistics, then we have a seemingly objective compilation of data that is in one way or another biased (as outcomes depend upon who conducted what research and why, and how it was done and then interpreted) that can be dated and geographically and financially skewered. If we focus on personal experience, a conclusion is based on that of course.
So, where do you stand on interracial marriages? More importantly, what have your personal experiences been and how did those set of circumstances impact your perceptions of interracial marriage and interracial relationships as a whole?

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